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The Ascent of Man - a Recollection
by Sir David Attenborough

BRONOWSKI WAS NOTHING SHORT OF INSPIRED. I remember in particular a sequence he did about the importance of crystals, of microscopic crystals, which were dextro or levorotatory, that is, they are symmetrical spirally so they can go either to the right or the left, and what difference this made in chemical terms. A pretty abstract proposition really, and he illustrated it in a Moorish courtyard, with tiles, talking about symmetry and it was breath-taking as he spun this wonderful chain of thought and rational argument and you saw it all developing in front of your eyes...unforgettable. He was a marvellous storyteller, he understood that one of the secrets of programme-making is great storytelling."

Source: BBC Radio Interview, 16 July 1999

Sir David Attenborough is an author, natural history documentary film producer and presenter.
He was Controller, BBC­2, 1965-1968; Dir of Programmes, Television, and Member of the Board of Management, BBC, 1969-1972.
He has written and presented many BBC series, including: Tribal Eye, 1976; Life on Earth, 1979; The Living Planet, 1984; The Trials of Life, 1990; and The Private Life of Plants, 1994

The Ascent of Jacob Bronowski

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